Research & Development

Apci Biotech has a long term commitment to developing Generics with the help of world class research and high quality standards. Our research and development team consists of scientists and developers who are highly qualified and experienced in formulation and analytical development. Our focus remains on continuing to develop new formulations in various dosage forms including Solid Dosage, Liquid Dosage, Injectables, Protein Powders ,Nutraceutical , Herbal Pellets etc

Apci Biotech believes in creating a niche in the pharmaceutical industry around the globe by developing and delivering products at an affordable price. With the team of dedicated research scientist, Apci Biotech has been efficacious in accomplishment of the company goals in terms of new product development, Scale up, technology transfer to commercial manufacturing and supply management of pharmaceutical products. Constant efforts of our team of scientist who are always determined to examine the drugs from laboratory scale batch to commercial batch. Our team of experts is completely focusing on prior tests starting from pilot testing to technological transfers.